Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Word Root?

A Word Root is a basic word with no prefix or suffix added to it. 

For example, the word root of “Inaction” is “Act” after the prefix “In-” and the suffix “-ion” are removed. 

In linguistics, a Root has the most basic meaning of any English word. Learning Roots sharpens your understanding of the language and moreover, boosts your memory once you see the connections. 

What is a prefix?

Prefix is part of the word that's added onto the start, like the “Pre-“ in “Preclude”, or “In-” in “Inability”.

Here is a list of most common prefixes:

 • de: opposite (defrost, deactivate)

 • dis: not (disagree, displace)

 • en / em : cause (encode, embrace)

 • mis: wrongly (mishandle, misfire)

 • non: not (non-judgmental, nonsense)

 • pre: before (precede, preclude, prefix)

 • pro: forward, for (projection, proceed)

 • in / im / il / ir : without, not (impossible, inexpensive, illegal, irresponsible)

 • un: not (unfriendly, uncommon)

 • re : again, back (replay, restart)

What is a suffix?

Suffix is part of the word that's added onto the end, like the -tion in Action, or -able in Excitable.

Here is a list of most common suffices:

 • able / ible: able to be (capable, doable)

 • al: relating to (natural, theatrical)

 • ary: relating to (literary, military)

 • ate: a verb (create, activate)

 • ee: receiver, performer (nominee, employee)

 • er: performer (teacher, employer)

 • ence / ency: state or condition (independence, efficiency)

 • ent: inclined to performing, causing (competent, dependent)

 • ful: full of (cheerful, helpful, thankful)

 • fy: cause, make (amplify, verify, testify)

 • ian / ial: relating to (martial, editorial, pedestrian)

 • ic / ical: relating to, characterized by (caloric, organic, analytical)

 • ious / ous: full of, having the qualities (ambitious, cautious)

 • ion / tion / sion: state, quality (attention, caution, confusion) 

 • ish: relating to, characteristic (childish, foolish)

 • ism: state, quality, condition (buddhism, heroism)

 • ist: person, one who does (pianist, artist, linguist)

 • ity / ty: state, quality, condition (necessity, honesty, loyalty)

 • ive: inclined to, quality of (attractive, attentive, expensive) 

 • ize / ise: make, become, cause (authorize, popularize)

 • less: without (fearless, homeless, helpless)

 • like: resembling, characteristic of (childlike, homelike)

 • logy: the study of, the science of (geology, biology)

 • ment: action, result (shipment, movement, placement)

 • ness: state, quality (kindness, weakness, shyness)

 • or: a person who (translator, inventor, operator)

 • ory: relating to (laboratory, dormitory)

 • ship: skill of, state or condition of (leadership, friendship)

 • tude: state, quality, condition (magnitude, fortitude, gratitude)

 • ular : relating to, resembling (muscular, circular)

 • y: made up of, characterized (brainy, fruity, windy)

Who created Giki app?

Giki is designed and produced by Cambridge neuroscientists who are passionate about memory, linguistics and education and a mobile development team in Vietnam. 💪

How do I start learning with Giki app?

Start with our first level - a cute Ant 🐜, you can go through all the cards within each Word Root to learn all the new vocabulary. 

To review what you learnt, go to "Challenges" to play word games and scrabbles! 🎮 

You can progress to the highest level and become a Word Alien 👽 in your own pace!

How do I check my game score?

You can click on the brain icon on the right hand side of the status bar to check your score and how many points you need to level up. 

How do I track my friend's performance?

Navigate to Progress then go to Leaderboard, you can start adding friends (who had joined Giki) via Facebook or emails and see their score compared to yours. Have fun competing against your friends! 👫

Why do I have to pay for full access to Giki app?

Subscription revenue helps Giki to operate its business and to bring you the best content to accelerate your language learning journey! 🚀 

Does my Gold Subscription auto-renew?

Yes, “Monthly” and “1 Year” subscriptions are billed in one payment at the time of purchase, and automatically renew at the end of the initial term at the rate secured at the time of purchase, until you decide to cancel. Subscriptions automatically renews and your account will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

If you purchased your Giki! subscription via iTunes, your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. If you were on a free trial, unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when a subscription is purchased. You can turn off auto-renew at anytime from your iTunes account settings.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can click Manage Subscription from our Account page. You can also do so via iTunes with these following steps:

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and click the “iTunes & App Store” option. Click on your Apple ID and sign into the iTunes store. Click “Manage” under “Subscriptions”. On the next screen, you can click “Giki!” and cancel your subscription.

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How do I contact someone at Giki?

You can click on the Customer Support icon on the side bar to email us directly from the app.

You can also contact us at for further help and feedback. We’d love to hear from you!